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Take Your Food Out Of the Breakroom Microwave

Can Anyone Understand what the Talking Heads Were Singing?

Former UCF Head Coach George O'Leary joins the show to reminisce on what made the 2013 UCF Football teams so special. Why Colorado needs to extend Coach Prime right now! And the how NFL Flims found their "voice"

Fiesta Memories with George O'Leary

Former UCF head coach George O'Leary joins the show to take us back to that special 2013 UCF Football Team.

Colorado Needs to Re-Sign Deion Now

Marc breaks down the numbers behind the thought that Colorado needs to resign Deion now.

Why are the Jags threating to leave?

Jacksonville Business Journal's Timothy Gibbons joins the show to give the latest on why the Jags are threating to leave.

It's Taylor Swift!

Marc shares his notebook on the UCF-Kansas State game. WFTV Greg Warmoth joins the show to share his Lip Cancer story. Dolphins drop 70! Taylor was at the Chiefs game!

Greg Warmoth

WFTV's Greg Warmoth joins the show to discuss his lip cancer procedure, and warns how if it wasn't for his TV career, it might have been a lot of worse.

Recapping UCF-Kansas State

Marc opens up his notebook and recaps the UCF-Kansas State game.

Is It Ok To Eat a Full Meal While Shopping?

J.C. Carnahan joins us to preview High School Football. The History of FSU-Clemson. Gary Parris breaks down UCF-Kansas State Are convertible people weird?

@JCCarnz High School Football Breakdown

Orlando Sentinels J.C. Carnahan joins the show to break down High School Football Week 5.