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2024 March Madness

Date       Day        Game    Bcast Start          Game Start        Channel

First Four                                                                            

19-Mar Tuesday               Game 1 6:30pm 7:00pm AM 810 Fox Sports

19-Mar Tuesday               Game 2                9:00pm AM 810 Fox Sports

20-Mar Wednesday        Game 3 6:30pm 7:00pm 96.9 The Game

20-Mar Wednesday        Game 4                9:00pm 96.9 The Game

First Round                                                                        

21-Mar Thursday            Game 1 1 2:00pm            12:20pm            96.9 The Game

21-Mar Thursday            Game 2                3:00pm 96.9 The Game

21-Mar Thursday            Game 3                7:00pm AM 810 Fox Sports

21-Mar Thursday            Game 4                10:00pm            AM 810 Fox Sports

22-Mar Friday    Game 1 12:00pm          12:20pm            96.9 The Game

22-Mar Friday  Game 2                3:00pm 96.9 The Game

22-Mar Friday    Game 3                7:00pm AM 810 Fox Sports

22-Mar Friday    Game 4                10:00pm        AM 810 Fox Sports

Second Round                                                                  

23-Mar Saturday             Game 1 12:00pm            12:20pm            96.9 The Game

23-Mar Saturday             Game 2                3:00pm 96.9 The Game

23-Mar Saturday             Game 3                6:30pm AM 810 Fox Sports

23-Mar Saturday             Game 4                9:30pm AM 810 Fox Sports

24-Mar Sunday Game 1 12:00pm            12:20pm            AM 810 Fox Sports

24-Mar Sunday Game 2                3:00pm AM 810 Fox Sports

24-Mar Sunday Game 3                6:30pm 96.9 The Game

24-Mar Sunday Game 4                9:30pm 96.9 The Game

Sweet 16                                                                            

28-Mar Thursday            Game 1 6:30pm 7:00pm AM 810 Fox Sports

28-Mar Thursday            Game 2                9:00pm AM 810 Fox Sports

29-Mar Friday    Game 3 6:30pm 7:00pm AM 810 Fox Sports

29-Mar Friday    Game 4                9:00pm AM 810 Fox Sports

Elite 8                                                                   

30-Mar Saturday             Game 1 6:00pm 6:30pm AM 810 Fox Sports

30-Mar Saturday             Game 2                8:45pm AM 810 Fox Sports

31-Mar Sunday Game 3 2:00pm 2:30pm 96.9 The Game

31-Mar Sunday Game 4                5:00pm 96.9 The Game

NIT Tournament                                                                              

2-Apr   Tuesday               Game 1 6:45pm 7:00pm 96.9 The Game

2-Apr   Tuesday               Game 2                9:15pm 96.9 The Game

4-Apr   Thursday             Game 1             9:00pm 9:15pm 96.9 The Game

Final Four                                                                           

6-Apr   Saturday             Game 1 4:30pm 6:00pm AM 810 Fox Sports

6-Apr   Saturday             Game 2                8:30pm AM 810 Fox Sports

National Championship                                                                

8-Apr   Monday              Game 1                 7:30pm 9:00pm 96.9 The Game

Orlando City Schedule


2024 Orlando City Soccer Schedule                                                          

Date      Day        Team     Bcast Start           Channel

2-Mar  Saturday             Miami   4:00pm               Real Radio 104.1

9-Mar  Saturday             Minnesota          7:00pm Real Radio 104.1

17-Mar Sunday Atlanta  6:30pm Real Radio 104.1

23-Mar Saturday             Austin FC             7:00pm Real Radio 104.1

30-Mar Saturday             New York             7:00pm Real Radio 104.1

13-Apr Saturday             D.C.        7:00pm 96.9 The Game

20-Apr Saturday             Montreal             7:00pm 96.9 The Game

27-Apr Saturday             Toronto 7:00pm 96.9 The Game

4-May  Saturday             Cincinnati FC      7:00pm Real Radio 104.1

11-May Saturday             Philadlephia        7:00pm Real Radio 104.1

15-May Wednesday       Miami FC             7:00pm 96.9 The Game

18-May Saturday             San Jose               10:00pm             96.9 The Game

25-May Saturday             Columbus            7:00pm 96.9 The Game

29-May Wednesday       Chicago 8:00pm 96.9 The Game

1-Jun    Saturday             New York             7:00pm 96.9 The Game

15-Jun Saturday             LAFC      7:00pm 96.9 The Game

19-Jun Wednesday       Charlotte              7:00pm 96.9 The Game

22-Jun Saturday             Chicago 7:00pm 96.9 The Game

28-Jun Friday    NYCFC   7:00pm 96.9 The Game

3-Jul     Wednesday       Toronto 7:00pm 96.9 The Game

6-Jul     Saturday             DC United            7:00pm 96.9 The Game

13-Jul   Saturday             New England      7:00pm 96.9 The Game

17-Jul   Wednesday       Nashville             8:00pm 96.9 The Game

20-Jul   Saturday             NYCFC   7:00pm 96.9 The Game

24-Aug Saturday             Kansas City FC    8:00pm 96.9 The Game

31-Aug Saturday             Nashville FC        8:00pm 96.9 The Game

14-Sep Saturday             New England      7:00pm 96.9 The Game

18-Sep Wednesday       Charlotte              7:30pm 96.9 The Game

21-Sep Saturday             Columbus            7:00pm 96.9 The Game

28-Sep Saturday             Dallas    8:00pm 96.9 The Game

2-Oct    Wednesday       Philadlephia        7:00pm 96.9 The Game

5-Oct    Saturday             Cincinnati FC      7:00pm 96.9 The Game

19-Oct Saturday             Atlanta FC            5:30pm 96.9 The Game 

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