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Friday Notebook: $2M Games, APB On Magic Defense, Weeknight Spring Games

Saint Peter's v Kentucky

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March 18, 2022 - 8:15am

What is a win worth in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament? About $2M. Making the tournament is worth about that amount for each team and that money is paid to a school's conference over a six-year period. Each win is worth another $2M. A trip to the FInal Four is worth $10M to a school's conference. Again, that's paid over a six-year period. But do the match and you can begin to see how valuable it can be for a conference that gets 8-9 teams into the Big Dance and has 4-5 that advance to a second weekend...

284! That's the amount of points the Orlando Magic have allowed in their last two games. Brooklyn's Kyrie Irving went for 60 points on Tuesday. Saddiq Bey went for 51 last night. Bey scored 47 his last four games combined! The Magic actually had played decent defense in recent weeks but then this week happened...

So let me get this straight. Aaron Rodger openly talked about wanting Davante Adams getting paid and not playing the 2022 season under the franchise tag in Green Bay. Rodgers is apparently getting his wish. Except Adams will be getting paid to play for the Raiders. The Packers are getting a first and second round pick from Las Vegas and will not have four of the top 60 picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. Rodgers has already signed his extension with the Packers and apparently was told of the situation before the deal went down with his favorite receiver. Adams wanted the long-term with guaranteed money over playing with a one-year deal. Don't care how it is spun. But Rodgers, who holds so much power in Green Bay, could not force the Packers to give Adams the long term deal BEFORE signing his extension? Adams is reunited with Derek Carr, who he played with at Fresno State...

Meanwhile, let me get this straight, number two: Deshaun Watson is interviewing teams? He is allowing teams the chance to tell him why they should trade for him? The guy with 22 civil lawsuits against him for inappropriate behavior? The guy who, before his legal problem, walked out on his team despite being under contract and lost not a single penny last season?...

Florida Gators' coach Billy Napier put this spin on the announcement of the Spring Game being played on a Thursday night: 

"We're really excited to announce we're moving to Thursday night, April the 14th with a 7:30 p.m. kickoff. This is going to create an opportunity for us to engage the student body for the first time. We are going to be able to get them here prior to Easter break. We're going to have some of the best recruits in the entire country here to show them what the University of Florida and Gator Nation are all about."

Or....Napier could have said:

"I guess the SEC Network wanted to spread out these spring games and since we didn't have a great season last year, we were asked to move to a Thursday night. I know it stinks for our fans who like to make a full Saturday out of coming to this event but I had nothing to do with it and we have to do what TV tells us to do."

What we've done to spring games is amazing. What used to a be a simple scrimmage to end a few weeks of workouts now becomes a televised event that we treat like a 13th game. Rarely did spring games draw much attention. Now, if you don't draw 60,000 your program is considered to have a problem...

Apparently the ghost runner is not dead in MLB. After plans were dropped placing a runner at second to start the 10th inning, like we used last season, it looks like there is growing support for a return to the idea.I have to admit it grew on me as did the 7-inning doubleheader. While writing this sentence, the Dodgers just signed three more players for a billion dollars...

You know the Saudi backed golf tour that Greg Norman has been pushing that got Phil Mickelson in so much trouble? Well, Norman is still moving forward with plans for the tour but there is another tour also rolling out with plans to throw silly money at the world's best players. The Premier Golf League plans 54-hole events with 48 players using an individual/team model. The group is looking to get PGA approval and offering players a 50% equity in the league. Unlike Norman's tour, the Premier Golf League sees itself as a potential partner with the PGA Tour. More plans for the concept are expected in the coming weeks...

Do chickens have wings and if they do, why can't they fly? Chickens are basically flightless birds. They can get airborne but it's usually to jump over something not very tall or move around to protect their young. We have played a huge role in the reason chickens don't fly. We've been injecting hormones and steroids into chickens that have impacted breeding to the point the wings are not designed to soar high in the air. Now go ahead and order your dozen wings and beer and enjoy day two of the NCAA Tournament...

Final thought: Americans eat more than 30 billion chicken wings a year.

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