Colin Cowherd: Paul George Got Doc Rivers Fired

Colin Cowherd: “Every radio and TV commentator said that it was ‘time for Doc to go’ and ‘he was a good guy that needed to go’… In the NBA people think you HAVE to have a star. NO, there are a lot of stars. It’s ‘Who is your number two?’ If you don’t have a dependable and clutch number two star, you will not win titles. Doc DID in Boston – Paul Pierce is clutch and he won a title. But in LA with the Clippers, he had Blake Griffin, next to Carmelo Anthony as the most overrated player in the league the last 15 years, and then this team has Paul George. I’ve seen Paul George in Indy, OKC, and LA – he’s good but he ain’t CLUTCH, bruh. Michael Jordan couldn’t win without Pippen, Kevin Durant couldn’t win titles without Steph, and LeBron had titles with Dwyane Wade and Kyrie Irving. Doc Rivers didn’t miss open jumpers, Doc Rivers didn’t melt down. Look at the resumes of other guys you want to bring in; it’s not as good as Doc Rivers’… Paul George’s history is clear. He is a very good player, but the reason he is more B+ than A+ is because he melts down when it matters. Go ahead and bang on Doc, but when he had a number two he won. Doc wins with a good two, and Paul shrinks when he’s asked to be the 1 or the 2 in the playoffs.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why it was Paul George who ultimately cost Doc Rivers his job with the Clippers, as George’s pedestrian postseason plunged Los Angeles out of the playoffs in the second round.

Check out the video above as Colin details the real reason why the Clippers didn’t reach the NBA Finals, with the most responsibility resting on the shoulders of PG-13 for failing to live up to his billing as the team’s number two star alongside Kawhi Leonard.

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