Colin Cowherd Describes Every NFL Week 11 Game in Just Three Words

New York Jets v Washington Redskins

New York Jets v Washington Redskins

Colin Cowherd Describes Every NFL Week 11 Game in Just Three Words (November 18th)

Steelers at Browns: “OUT OF CONTROL” – “That's the story of the season for the Browns. Myles Garrett IS Cleveland and Cleveland IS Myles Garrett. Garrett is their best defensive player and they're going to need him against Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray later in the season. Man they're talented, but man are they undisciplined. They'll miss Garrett and this will eventually be their undoing and why the won't make the playoffs."

Cowboys at Lions: “DAK'S TEAM NOW” – “Dak Prescott is the first Cowboys quarterback to ever pass for 3,000 yards in the first ten games of the season. He leads the NFL in passing yards and just had a career high of 444 yards. He's getting better and I love his leadership."

Falcons at Panthers: “GOT CAM'S NUMBER?” – “Kyle Allen has nine picks in his last four games. Allen has some good tools and some strengths as a distributor, but he's a transition player and Carolina has way too good of players to get destroyed by Atlanta. Cam Newton in the current quarterback market is a BARGAIN. Cam is making $18 million and Mahomes is going to sign for like $40 million. I'm not a fan of Cam but he's worth $18 million in this league."

Jaguars at Colts: “FIRST PLACE COLTS” – “Colts are now in first place in the AFC South and are 3-0 in division. Jacoby Brissett is back, they're very well coached, and you don't get the roller coaster with them that you get with the Texans.This team has a very low ceiling but they're now in position to win that division."

Texans at Ravens: “W.O.W.” – “Six straight wins for Baltimore now. They're averaging over 34 points game, handed Deshaun Watson the worst game of his career, and they dominated Seattle and New England."

Bills vs. Dolphins: “PLAYOFFS?? I GUESS...” – “Buffalo is 7-3 and three games ahead of Cleveland. In the wild card race, the Raiders are far more captivating than Buffalo, and Houston is better than the Bills, but things are lining up for Buffalo now. They don't turn the ball over a lot -- they have had one turnover since October 1st. They play good defense, they're well coached, and they don't turn it over. That recipe gets them into the playoffs."

Broncos at Vikings: “STILL DON'T TRUST” – “Minnesota fell behind 20-0 at home, they only ran for 37 yards in this game, and they're still only 1-2 against teams who would currently be in the playoffs. Kirk Cousins' feels like the greatest statistical game manager in league history."

Saints at Bucs: “BACK ON TRACK" – “Saints found their way against the Bucs and went back to a power running game. Their offense should be handing the ball of to Alvin Kamara, making safe throws, and getting the ball to Michael Thomas."

Jets at Redskins: “ONLY I WATCHED” – "Sam Darnold was GREAT and had a 121 passer rating. Darnold has one terrible throw every Sunday, but he's looked very good the last two weeks with an awful offensive line."

Cardinals at 49ers: “EXCITING BUT SLOPPY” – “Jimmy G had two picks and they fell behind 16-0. Kyler Murray does give San Francisco problems but give Jimmy Garoppolo credit for engineering those game-winning drives late in the game without George Kittle. When it mattered, they delivered."

Bengals at Raiders: “SILVER AND BACK” – “Three straight wins, Derek Carr is completing over 70% of his throws, and Gruden is conjoined with the fans... This kinda works. Josh Jacobs has worked, Richie Incognito has worked, this is a REAL thing and you can feel it. They have the Jets next and will have a four-game winning streak."

Patriots at Eagles: “PHILLY NOT SPECIAL” – “Eagles have failed to throw for over 200 yards in HALF their games this year. Once Desean Jackson got hurt, Philly has no explosive or dynamic play-making deep threat. There's a lot of 7-yard curl patterns and not much else."

Bears at Rams: “REMEMBER TODD GURLEY??” – “133 all-purpose yards for Gurley and the offensive line played a lot better. He doesn't look like the Gurley of yesteryear but he was good last night. Jared Goff didn't play great but he had a little bit of extra time. Don't forget Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods are still out."

Chiefs vs. Chargers (Mexico City): "TIME TO ELEVATE" – "Mexico City has an elevation over 7,200 feet. Chargers went to Colorado for five days to train at 6,000 and the Chiefs stayed in Kansas City... I like the Chargers with an upset win tonight."

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