Mike Bianchi

Mike Bianchi

Twitter: @BianchiWrites

Instagram: @bianchiwrites

Email: SportsWriter@hotmail.com

Top 3 favorite sports teams:

All teams in Florida with the Jaguars being No. 1

Name your ideal vacation spot:

Anywhere that requires no shoes, no shirts and no problems

Favorite quote sports or otherwise...

"Sports do not build character; they reveal it."

Your most overused phrase on the radio:


Where were you born?:

Gainesville, FL

Most memorable sporting event you’ve ever attended:

Tigers Woods' first Masters victory

Excluding yourself, who is your favorite radio host of all time?:

Tony Kornheiser when he did a radio show

If you could have lunch with one sports figure, living or dead, who would it be?:

Jackie Robinson

What is your dream car:

69 GTO convertible?

Name one bucket list item you haven’t yet crossed off:

Jumping out of an airplane

What’s your alma mater:

University of Florida

What was your first job in radio?:

Co-hosting a weekly night-time show in Gainesville in the mid-1990s. 

If you didn’t work in radio, what would you be doing?:

Sleeping in. 

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