Cam Newton's Fake Apology

A few days ago, a female reporter by the name of Jourdan Rodrigue asked Panthers QB Cam Newton about WR Devin Funchess's routes and he responded, "It's funny to hear a female talk about routes. It's funny".

It wasn't until one of Newton's sponsors, Dannon, decided to drop him a couple days later that he decided that he wanted to issue an apology

This has to be one of the fakest apologies I have ever heard. Not only that, this was simply a "look at me" gimmick. 

If you listen to the whole clip, not once did he ever mention Jourdan Rodrigue's name and apologize to her. During his apology he mentions that he lost sponsors first and then countless fans and doesn't mention reporters until closer to the end of the list of women he was apologizing to. 

The biggest thing (to me) about this spectacle, is that he apologized over social media. Why would he not call Jourdan and apologize to her directly or find a way to get in contact with her? Why does he not call a press conference and apologize on live TV to all the women that he claims to know that he offended? Why did it take him until the loss of a sponsor to finally issue an apology?

Cam Newton is not sincere when he does this little social media video. It is simply a look at me gimmick.

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