The Finish Line With Jerry O'Neill And The Shot Doctor

The Finish Line With Jerry O'Neill And The Shot Doctor

The Finish Line with Jerry O'Neill and The Shot Doctor! Get the inside scoop on the latest sports news Monday-Friday starting at 3, prepare yourself...Full Bio


No Surprise About First Quarter Surprise NFL Team

Los Angeles Rams Introduce Sean McVay - News Conference

It's been quite a unique start to the NFL season so far. 

The Patriots at this point in the season are tied for second place in the AFC East with the New York Jets who also trail the Buffalo Bills. The Patriots also already have two home losses which is highly unusual. You have the Jacksonville Jaguars in a tie for first in the AFC South and rookies taking the NFL by storm in Kareem Hunt and Deshaun Watson.

But the biggest surprise and it really isn't that close, is the fact that the Rams have jumped out to such a hot start.

Last year, this was a team that averaged only 14 points per game under Jeff Fisher. They bring in a 30 year old head coach in Sean McVay (he was 30 at the time he was hired), Wade Phillips to take over the defense, had to deal with an Aaron Donald holdout, and brought in some new receivers.

Nobody thought that in just one off-season this team would be clicking so well on offensive side of the ball. They are top five in total offense, pass offense, and leading the league in scoring at over 35 points per game.

Coach McVay has done wonders for this offense and while they still do have some struggles on defense, he has this team believing that they can beat anybody in the league.

It is unknown if they will be able to sustain the early season success but as for right now, the Rams are a happy herd!

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