UCF is Playing Copycat to Orlando City's Promotion

UCF is attempting to replicate what Orlando City started. This is an approach they should've taken a long while ago. Appeal to civic pride and not college football itself. 

UCF will never beat FSU, Florida, or even Miami in fan support or level of play on a year to year basis, so long as they don't compete in the ACC or SEC. What Orlando City did, which was both successful and brilliant, was they said - We don't care if you like soccer or not, but if you love Orlando, you should love, own, and represent us. Brilliant. 

Orlando City painted the city purple, literally, they embarked on a marketing campaign, commissioning eight murals by 7 different local artists all around Orlando. They sold shirts by the case load, went around town handing out scarves, and made sure at least 50% of the city, fan or not, had a magnet on their car. UCF wants in on it, and it only took them 50 years and a soccer influence to figure out, maybe if we appeal to civic pride, we could fill Spectrum for every single home game. 

Too little too late or perfect campaign for 2017? 

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- @BrandonKravitz

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