The Finish Line With Jerry O'Neill And The Shot Doctor

The Finish Line With Jerry O'Neill And The Shot Doctor

The Finish Line with Jerry O'Neill and The Shot Doctor! Get the inside scoop on the latest sports news Monday-Friday starting at 3, prepare yourself...Full Bio


96.9 Fantasy Report: Diamonds in the Rough

I don't want players that are going to be average. I want players they can be the absolute best. You can keep the Spencer Ware types, I don't want 'em. Give me the guy who could finish as the top guy at his position, or at least give me top three or top five type of upside. I'm talking about players you can find in round 6 and on that could help you win your fantasy league. Post hype sleepers, injury risks, and talent buried on the depth chart, I've found several different types of late round value.

Here are 10 RB/WR/QB's who could fit that mold. 

Ameer Abdullah: He really wasn't very good as a rookie, but not everyone flashes in their first year. Year 2 he only played 2 games, but in game 2 he showed what he COULD be. 120 total yards and a touchdown on 12 carries, at 5.3 a pop. Remember, this guy was drafted ahead of David Johnson in the NFL draft in 2015. 

Martavis Bryant: Risky, but that's what fantasy football is all about. If you ain't first, you're last. Bryant put up HUGE numbers the last time he was able to spend ample time on a football field. I'd rather land him as my WR2 than Stefon Diggs or Donte Moncrief. 

Big Ben: Often hampered by injuries and a threat of retirement has fantasy owners scared of drafting Ben, but with a full receiving core (Brown and Bryant) he should be as dominant as he's ever been. 

Carson Wentz: As the 17th QB off the board, you really have nothing to lose. He was a different QB with Lane Johnson active at left tackle, which he should be all season. Add on to that, the offseason additions of Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith, could be a great year for Wentz. 

Jamison Crowder: While everyone is enamored with newbee Terrelle Pryor and drafting him way too high, Crowder's the one that will reap the benefit of an offense that lost Pierre Garçon & Desean Jackson. He's got comfort and chemistry already built in with Cousins, and will look to build off of his 67 catch performance from last year. 

Doug Martin: I'm confident you can find a RB to fill his slot in your starting lineup for the 1st three weeks of the season. It's hard to find starting RB's with 1,400 yard potential late in drafts. 

Derrick Henry: He's a Demarco Murray injury away from being a sure fire RB1. Henry is the premiere hand-cuff in this year's drafts, target him around round 7 or 8 even if you didn't draft Demarco Murray. 

Thomas Rawls: He's backing up & splitting carries with a RB very few people trust. Rawls flashed top 3 potential 2 seasons ago, and you can find him at the very tail end of drafts. 

Cam Meredith: 66 catches and 888 yards was just the beginning. With Alshon Jeffery gone, and Kevin White constantly hurt, he's all the Bears have. 

Davante Parker: This could be the year, he's got the 3rd year preseason hype behind him, but there are still enough people out there that have forgotten about the prototypical talent of Parker. If he makes a couple dazzling catches in the preseason, you can forget the draft day value of Parker, he'll be on everyone's radar. 

- Kravitz 

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