Kaepernick Doesn't Need a Haircut, He Needs to Stay off Social Media.


There's just no way Colin Kaepernick is taking his potential return to the NFL seriously. He knows what kind of a stir he caused when he sat on one knee during the National Anthem, and has to know that NFL owners/GM's are scared of any potential controversy looming over their organization...understandable, right? If he knows that, which he does, and wants to get back onto an NFL team, which he says he does...then why subject yourself to more controversy on your social media accounts? If I wanted to get hired as a VP of a burger chain, I'm not going to start posting on Facebook and Twitter about my Vegan lifestyle (don't worry I'm not actually vegan). 

Go ahead and check out Colin's twitter account, it is tweet after tweet after tweet, condemning America's police force. Now, is he right to raise an eyebrow? Sure, there have certainly been nefarious acts on the hands of active officers, but if he's trying to land a job, this type of incessant bashing of a group that protects NFL stadiums won't land him anywhere but his couch. 

So while I respect and understand Mike Vick's perspective, Kaepernick's hair is the least of his issues. 

Need an example, check out the tweet below & click on his profile to view a slew of others. 

- Kravitz 

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