The Warriors are Ruining LeBron's Storybook Ending

The Warriors are ruining LeBron's storybook ending. 

Lebron was supposed to reach a total of 10 to 12 NBA Finals appearances (which he still might) and win at least 3 more, tying him with Jordan. But after watching the first two games of this series, it seems less than likely that he'll be able to win more than 1 (if that) without making another drastic career change. 

Some of you are probably thinking, 'man, is that ever the overreaction of the century'. Well, really it's not. The Warriors have lost one game since March 11th, the Super Team Cavs can't even stay in a game with them, and I would argue they haven't even peaked yet. Imagine what they'll be like next year, or the year after gaining more continuity. The Warriors as they are set up right now could conceivably be set up like this until LeBron is 38 years old. They're not in any rush to break up like the Beatles. And just as a point of reference, Kobe lost his legs at 37. 

Here, I'll make a dorky super hero analogy to explain where LeBron finds himself...Let's say LeBron is Ironman and the fearsome foursome Warriors are the super villains that are just too difficult to defeat on his own. Even with the help of Iron Patriot (who we'll assume is Kyrie Irving) and Pepper Potts (who we'll say is Kevin Love), LeBron er Ironman is still no match for the Fearsome Foursome. LeBron simply doesn't stand a chance until he gathers the "Avengers". 

That's really the only answer for LBJ, the question is, how will he go about ending his career? 


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