Magic GM Search Becoming Clearer

It's been a month and 9 days since the Magic fired Rob Hennigan. The search to find a new general manager is still on, but the wish list is becoming more and more obvious. 

The Hawks are right now the only other team actively searching for a new GM, and they have secured permission from the Warriors to interview assistant GM, Travis Schlenk. Schlenk was one of the names rumored to be on the list for the Magic. But now,  I don't believe this is true, and here's why: 

Alex Martins made his media tour after Hennigan was fired and in doing that, made it a point to say that a couple of the candidates could not be interviewed as their team is in the midst of a post season run. Well, the Hawks have secured permission to interview Schlenk, so clearly that's not who the Magic were talking about.  If the Magic want to talk to someone...and they're in the post season...and they can't...clearly they're talking about current Cavs GM Dave Griffin. 

Now, this shouldn't come as some surprise that the Magic want to talk to Griffin, the reports are everywhere that this is true. But, what the Hawks request does show us is that the Magic ONLY want to talk to Griffin. There are only 4 teams left in the playoffs, that doesn't leave a whole lot of options. Sure, the Magic are probably interviewing the Kevin McHale's of the world but the draft is rapidly approaching, and if they've found their guy, they probably would've pulled the trigger on the hire already. The problem now lies here, the Cavs can actually block any conversation Griffin would have with the team until after the draft, if they so choose. 

Report from The Vertical: 

The Orlando Magic recently asked the Cavaliers for permission to talk to general manager David Griffin regarding the role of president of basketball operations, but Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has not responded according to The Vertical. Griffin's contract with the Cavaliers expires at the end of June. The Cavs have the right to keep Griffin through the June 22 NBA draft and can forbid him from talking with the Magic until free agency begins on July 1.

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