How Good Can These Old-RB's Be?

Charles- 30 years old, multiple knee surgeries, 10 season in but barely played the last 2. 8 games over the last 2 years

Lynch- 31 years old, no serious injuries, prior to the 2015 season posted 3  1,200+ yard rushing seasons, will essentially be his 10th season

Peterson- 32 years old, in better condition than most pro athletes, 2 of his last 3 seasons shortened due to injuries – but 2015 posted a 1,400 yard performance with 11 touchdowns

Each guy has dealt with injury to some degree, some worse than others. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t LeVeon Bell have an injury wrap sheet that could fill up a long form essay? Being an ‘older’ running back has it’s disadvantages but these guys aren’t Arian Foster from a gingerbread/injury prone standpoint. Conditioning, longevity, overall training and rehabilitating has gone to the next level. Point: 30 isn’t 30 anymore. Matt Forte was able to rack up 813 yards rushing (over 1,000 yards all purpose) at the age of 30…and while playing for the Jets! All three of these “old guys” who are the same age as me by the way, all landed in ideal situations. Charles will be asked to spell CJ Anderson and do some 3rd down work, great spot to be in. Lynch will be running behind one of the leagues best offensive lines, and AP will be a key cog in the offensive Ferrari that is the New Orleans Saints.

Not only will they all be fine, they’ll be really good. 

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