Doc Rivers Should Consider Orlando

The current run for the LA Clippers is over. In some way, shape, or form, things will change for the #2 team in Los Angeles. Doc's 18-22 record in the post season with a team as loaded as the Clippers just isn't cutting it, and Paul & Griffin aren't getting any younger...Plus, they're free-agents who are set to make more money than any fan will feel comfortable with. 

Doc Rivers is another example of a man who failed at picking out the groceries and cooking the dinner. Outside of Bill Belichick, it's hard to come up with really successful examples of current coaches who also assume GM duties. Stan Van Gundy is failing, Tom Thibodeau hasn't proven it can work in Minnesota yet, & Chip Kelly was a disaster. It's understandable, these are two jobs (head coach and GM) that are hard enough to be good at when you can devote 100% of your time to them, let alone 50%. 

Doc Rivers will be at the top, or towards the top of the Magic's list of potential GM's if the Clippers decide to move on from him. I believe he'll seriously consider coming here. We all know he has a summer home in Orlando (Winter Park to be exact) and he's been a Magic employee before. Also, I don't believe he'll have a problem leaving the coaching duties to Frank Vogel. The man has been coaching without any real break since 1999. That is grueling, all the long playoff runs in Boston, the disappointments with LA, the man needs a break. And what better place to get a little R&R, while also holding down a premiere job than Orlando? 

If I'm Doc, I'd seriously consider it. 

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