Daily Poll: Is there a right answer to the Adreian Payne problem?

Adreian Payne shooting

Adreian Payne signed a two-way contract back in August and had spent the season with the Orlando Magic's G-League team in Lakeland. 

Over the weekend, the Magic waived him after sexual assault allegations against Payne from his time at Michigan State were made public. 

Courtesy of the Bleacher Report: 

In an article detailing multiple issues with MSU's handling of violent or sexual assault cases, Paula Lavigne and Nicole Noren of ESPN's Outside the Lines revealed Payne and fellow basketball player Keith Appling were accused of raping a female student following her freshman orientation at Michigan State in 2010.

"In a video interview obtained by Outside the Lines, Payne told detectives that [Carolyn] Schaner had indicated she wanted to leave.

"According to a police report, Payne told officers that he could 'understand how she would feel that she was not free to leave.'"

Did the Magic do the right thing by cutting him? Should they have never brought him in, in the first place? Or, should we subscribe to the belief that he is innocent until proven otherwise. 


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