Daily Poll: Do YOU want an XFL team in Orlando?

CEO and chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon made the announcement official yesterday, that the XFL will be making it's triumphant return in 2020. The details of the league are still to be determined but what we do know is this: 

  • There will be 8 teams 
  • 10 games per season 
  • The season will start around January 
  • The league will be "family friendly" 
  • No troubled players will be welcomed. Specifically Johnny Manziel 
  • Players will be forced to stand for the Anthem 
  • Vince is looking to keep the game around 2 hours long 
  • No cities have yet been chosen 

He mentioned that he wants to play in cities where pro football stadiums already exist. Orlando is a natural fit. This town supported the Orlando Rage team well in the early 2000's, but, there seems to be mixed response on Twitter and Facebook from what I've seen in this city. Either people think it's silly and they just simply don't care, or they are salivating at the idea of pro football in this town, no matter the variety. 

Again, Orlando is a natural fit, because of the relationship the WWE has with this town, the support from the first go-round, and the clamoring for a football team in a sports fan rich marketplace. Other naturals would obviously be: Oakland, St. Louis, and San Diego. And if it's me, I want to be in big cities that have never even sniffed the NFL, like: Oklahoma City, Toronto, Portland, and San Antonio.  

Back to the question @ hand...Are you fired up about the prospect of an XFL team in Orlando? 


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