Daily Poll: Who should be the starting QB in Jacksonville next year?

This is a question Tom Coughlin and David Caldwell are going to have to answer in the off-season. 

According to Mike Ginnitti from Spotrac.com: 

If the #Jaguars release Blake Bortles prior to March 14th they'll incur $0 in dead cap, clearing his entire $19.053M salary, & potentially paving the way for Kirk Cousins, Alex Smith, or Eli Manning.

Also an option would be any one of the 3 QB's from Minnesota. The Vikings will likely only keep one of the 3 that include: Bradford, Keenum, and Bridgewater. So the Jags actually have options heading into the off-season.  

I think we can all agree Blake did enough in getting his team to the AFC title game and then playing a solid game on top of that. But it's a weird off-season where the Jags actually have the ability to upgrade, if they see fit. 

So the question then turns from - Did Blake do enough? To - Is Blake the best possible option? With the addition of a wide receiver or two, this roster is pretty much stacked in every category, and the Jags are poised to make another run @ the Super Bowl. Do the Jags settle on the guy that got them to the AFC Championship? Or should they capitalize on a golden opportunity in free-agency? 


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