Daily Poll: Which team is America pulling for to win it all?

We've long heard the term, "America's Team", often associated with the Cowboys or whomever captures the hearts and minds of sports fans in the great USA. The year the Saints won the Super Bowl for instance, they felt like a team the entire country (excluding Colts fans) were cheering for to win it all. Or a couple years ago, when the uber popular Peyton Manning was on his last legs as an NFL QB, that Broncos team felt like America's sweetheart. 

This year however, does that "sweetheart" team exist? If so, who is it? 

  • Jacksonville is overwhelmingly cocky, brash, and arrogant...plus, they play in Jacksonville, a market no one nationally cares about. 
  • New England is searching for it's 6th Super Bowl since 2001, I can't imagine the country at large is dying to see that. 
  • Philadelphia is intriguing because of their underdog status, given the injury to Carson Wentz. Nobody believes in Nick Foles, it would be a great story. I just wonder if America feels the same way. I mean, it's not like battery throwing Eagles fans warm the hearts of many. 
  • Then there's the Vikings, they also have a certain underdog quality despite winning 13 regular season games. Case Keenum was an undrafted QB out of Houston, they lost their star RB to start the year, and they won in miracle fashion vs New Orleans. The Super Bowl is in Minnesota, plus the people of Minnesota are generally kind folks...Maybe they're the answer. Only time will tell. 


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