Daily Poll: How confident are you in the Jaguars?

If anybody knows how to beat New England, it's that man you see above this text. Tom Coughlin holds the only 2 Super Bowl victories over Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The question here is, can he pull off magic one more time, and can he do it from his booth rather than on the sideline? 

The Jags are certainly built similarly to those Giants teams that were a thorn in Brady's side. Elite defensive linemen, the ability to rush the QB, and Bortles has a certain Eli quality about him. That's the recipe to beat New England, and in this case - Tom Coughlin is Gordon Ramsey. 

Now, it shouldn't come as a shock to you that the Patriots opened up as 9 point favorites over Jacksonville for the AFC Title game being held in New England next weekend. The Jags were 8 point dawgs in Pittsburgh, and if you want to go way back, the Giants were 12 point underdogs the first year Coughlin's team played the Pats in the Super Bowl. 

With all that said, and given the way the Jags beat the Steelers, in shoot out fashion...Do you have any confidence at all that the Jags can pull out one more miracle? Or does the great run end here? 


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