Daily Poll: Has Magic love diminished in Orlando?

Yesterday, Bianchi and I (Kravitz) got into a heated discussion on the air about how well the Orlando Magic connect to the Orlando community. I don't mean things like charitable services or anything along those lines, because they do an incredible job in that department. I'm talking about creating fan love, or keeping it, in the face of losing season after losing season. No question, that is not an easy thing to do, but it's the job of the owners, executives, and marketing to figure it out. Everyone looks like a genius when you're winning, it's how you can hook the fans when losing that earns high praise in my eyes. 

Bianchi sees it differently. He says, very emphatically, it's all about winning, period. That Danny White looks like a brilliant marketer only because the Knights went undefeated, that the Orlando City Lions looked brilliant because they were new. He says the Magic do they best they can with a bad product. 

To me, the tweet sent out on Monday night was a perfect example of how the Magic, top to bottom, just feel disconnected to the town, and it's not just because of losing. The tweet sent out was an innocent one, it said "Who's going to win the CFB Playoff National Championship?". Which is a fine tweet. But, it's a bad look when UCF, our hometown football team, is having a block party, celebrating their "National Championship" only feet away from the Amway Center at the time of the tweet. 

The debate will continue today, and it's time for you to choose sides. Are you Team Bianchi or Team Kravitz? 


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