Daily Poll: Who's the greatest football coach of all time?

The debate about who is the greatest college football coach of all time is over. Saban has now won his 6th national title and his team has at least played for the last 3. In today's world of competitve college football, to do what he has done is beyond remarkable, no matter your feelings towards Alabama. 

The same can be said for Bill Belichick. Bill has lead the Patriots to 5 Super Bowl victories, played for 7, and has played in 11 Conference Title games since taking over in 2000. In 18 seasons with the Patriots, Bill's team has only finished lower than 1st place in the AFC East 3 times (2000, 2002, 2008). 

I, for one, am not sure how you even debate that those two men are not the greatest coaches at their respective level of football. The only question that remains to us here on Open Mike, is, which one is greater? Who's accomplishments are more impressive? Who will go down as the coaching GOAT for football in this country? 


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