Daily Poll: How long will UCF Euphoria Last?

The USF game was electric, the Memphis game was unbelievable, the Auburn game was unimaginable, the Disney parade was great...but last night, last night was euphoric. Thousands of UCF fans gathered on Church Street between Orange and Garland to celebrate the Knights victory over Auburn, an undefeated season, and Danny White's proclamation that UCF is the National Champion. 

The picture above does mild justice to what it felt like to be part of the crowd in Downtown Orlando, among UCF's most faithful and newly found fan base. It just goes to show what this town can be if you give it something to cheer for. Just incredible. We're talking about a Monday night, with a huge football game being played, and after a parade had already been held for the team. Even with all of that, people were elbow to elbow in the heart of downtown to celebrate their football team and their city. 

But, how long can it last? Is this just a wave of excitement, the riding of a high, or is it the start of something sustainable and consistent? You can't go anywhere in this town right now without hearing the letters U-C-F...

Will it ever end? 


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