Daily Poll: Where's the excitement for Bama vs Georgia?

We're finally here...and, dud. 

Is it just us here on Open Mike, or is there little juice & excitement to tonight's 'pseudo' National Championship game? Of course, here in Orlando to a UCF fan who has already declared their team THE champ, to a UCF fan who knows and feels the wrath of how bias the system is, they're going to be less excited for this game. But, even if you go beyond the jilted UCF football fan, doesn't it just seem like there's little buzz around this game? 

Maybe it's because the game features an ALL-SEC cast - leaving Big 10, Pac 12, ACC, and etc. out of the mix. Maybe it's because you're tired of seeing Nick Saban's face, or that crimson red come across your TV screen. Maybe it's because Bama doesn't even really deserve to be in the game in general, what conference did they win again? That's right, they didn't even play in a conference title game. 

Maybe, this just doesn't feel like a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP game. 

At least, that's how we feel. Tell us what you think...


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