Daily Poll: Which NFL team has been most disappointing?

This list could probably go about 15 deep, and the level to which you are disappointed likely depends on what market you’re in or who you cheer for. For us here in Orlando, while we cover the Dolphins-Bucs-Jags more than any other, I feel like we’re pretty market neutral given the melting pot that is Central Florida. 

With that said, I’ve compiled what I believe to be the 4 most disappointing teams in the NFL as of right now, not because of where we are, but because of what they are. 

The Dolphins won 10 games last year, made the playoffs, and got that Miami fan base feeling like they could compete with New England going into this year. 7 losses later, that has not been the case. 

Many people like Mike Bianchi and the Shot Doctor were predicting a Super Bowl for the Bucs and maybe even an MVP for Jameis. Well, they’ve been awful. Jameis will be more likely win MVP of the toilet bowl. 

The Cowboys and the Raiders won 13 and 12 games respectively last year, and look to be teams that had become the new class of the AFC and NFC. Instead, they’ve slipped down to mediocrity just one year after a meteoric rise. 


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