Daily Poll: Which game is the bigger dud?

Oh what could have been...

For many football fans inside this state and in Central Florida, the next 2 weeks could've been so wildly entertaining. The trash talk banter among friends and family would've been at an all-time high with the Dolphins taking on the Bucs this Sunday and the Gators facing the Noles in their annual battle next Saturday. But, much like fireworks in a thunderstorm, both games fizzled out before they even got going. 

The Bucs are dreadful, they're without Jameis Winston, and they're being lapped by the other 3 teams within the NFC South this year. The Dolphins might even be worse. They duped a lot of fans when they went out and signed Jay Cutler in the off-season as some sort of savior after Tannehill went down. I think most fans would agree now, let the NFL on Fox booth have him. In summary, the game on Sunday means nothing. 

You could've easily said the Seminoles were having the most embarrassing year in the state of Florida...until Florida said, hold my beer. Death threats and a blowout loss to Mizzou took care of that debate. Again, another game that could've meant so much, means so little now, I'm not even sure a win would classify as "bragging rights". 

Maybe we should just blame Irma. 


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