Daily Poll: Would Chip Kelly be the right hire @ Florida?

The curious case of Chip Kelly. Certainly, you could do worse. But is he the best hire? Would hiring Chip Kelly show a sign of panic in the Gator program, that if they waited too long, they'd end up with another McElwain? 

Scott Stricklin, Gator AD, is the one who is going to be the one who answers those questions and at the end, make the final decision on Chip Kelly.

Here's the reality though, there are two sides to the Chip Kelly coin. 1) He would bring a sense of fun back to the offense, and an explosiveness not seen in over a decade in Gainesville. 2) He is kind of a weird dude, and did have a "show-cause" for his shady recruiting ways @ Oregon. On one hand, Scott Stricklin makes it sound like Chip is the perfect candidate, when he said this: “Being in this league for 25 years, when Florida has been really good, from a distance it has looked really fun and I want it to be really fun,” Stricklin said. “Our fans, they deserve it to be really fun." 

However, if you go on the Gators Athletics website, their slogan is: "a championship experience with integrity." Not sure you'll get that with Chip. 

The Chip Kelly conflict leads us to our daily poll...

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