Daily Poll: Are the Magic good because of Hennigan?

Wooooooow! Whodda thunk it, right? The Magic are 6-2, have beaten teams like the Spurs-Cavs-Grizz (on the road). As we inch closer to that 10 game sample size, it's tough not to get overly excited about this team. There is a night a day difference in the way they are playing right now, as opposed to last year.

What's not night and day, is this roster. The roster that was put together during 5 uninspiring years with Rob Hennigan as the GM...or so we thought. Of Orlando's 5 leading scorers this year, Hennigan acquired or drafted 4 of them (Fournier, Vuc, Ross, and Gordon). Aaron Gordon looks like a potential All-Star, Hennigan drafted him 4th overall in 2014. Their top 5 assist leaders, all Hennigan guys. 4 out 5 of of the best defensive players statistically this year...you guessed it, Hennigan guys. 

Are the Magic actually good because of Hennigan and not in spite of him? What if the Magic make the playoffs? Will he get the credit he deserves? Or does he not deserve any at all...



The only players on the roster who are not "Hennigan" guys






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