Daily Poll: Would a win vs Georgia change the way you view McElwain?

Hard to argue - Gator fans aren't exactly over the moon with their coach. 

Let's see...

They have an offense ranked outside of the top 100, again. They have 9 players suspended due to credit card fraud. Oh, and of course, the made up death threats...there's that. 

McElwain has seen success in his own right over his first 2 seasons at Florida, posting one 10 win season and back to back trips to the SEC title game. But, still it's not enough for Gator nation...and two reasons stand out above the rest, even with the player fraud and lies about death threats - 2 reasons: Bad offense, and almost zero signature wins. In fact, McElwain's biggest win came against an Ole Miss team that was ranked #3 early in 2015. But that was about 20 bad offensive performances ago, so who remembers that? 

Any way you slice it, Jimmy Mac could sure use a win over #3 Georgia...but how much would it mean to the fans? 


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