Daily Poll: Which OVER-REACTION are you buying in to?

WOW! Just when you think the sports landscape in FL can't get more bizarre/interesting, it does. 

UCF is a team on a mission, piling up victories left & right, and have now worked their way into the top 20 (#18). The Magic don't just beat the Cavs, the pummeled the Cavs on Sat. night, and they did it in Cleveland! The Jags, surprise-surprise, dominate on the road. They have outscored their opponents a whopping 130-23 while on the road this year. Then of course there's Matt Moore - he led the charge in the 4th Q, coming in for an injured and much maligned Jay Cutler to rally back for a Dolphins win over the rival Jets. 

So, with all of that to digest from the weekend, which are you buying into most for sustainability? 


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