Yes, It Is Time To Trade J.J. Watt

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans

Looking at things from CV’s POV.

I’m going to throw something out here that might take you by surprise but before you pass judgement, just hear me out.

I think the Houston Texans should trade J.J. Watt (no need to adjust your eyes, you read that correctly). It seems like an asinine thing to do but if you break it down, it makes a hell of a lot of sense.

Watt had surgery on a herniated disk in his back last year during the off-season and missed all of training camp and preseason but was able to play in week one. You could make the argument that Coach Bill O’Brien should have held him out longer but that was not the case. Three weeks later, the Texans put Watt on injured reserve.

During his absence, the Texans defense did not miss a beat. They finished with the No. 1 overall defense and won a playoff game.

Watt is only 28 years old and has plenty of football left in him. His contract has four years left on it for close to $60 million. The Texans have proved that they can live without him and have other needs on their team.

Maybe the Texans get lucky and some team decides they want to go all- in and breaks the bank to land Watt. At the very least, they could land a first-round pick (Houston does not have a first or second-round pick in next year’s draft).

If you were running the Texans, what would you do with an aging superstar coming off a serious back injury?

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