Poll: Who Should Win the Shot Dr. Buffoonery Award?

What should win The Shot Doctor's "Buffoonery Award" at the Mikey's on Thursday at The Taproom at Dubsdread?

1. The Rob Hennigan Era. More like "The Rob Henngian Error"! Amirite?! That's a Bianchi joke!

2. NBA Players "Resting". You know who needs rest? Roofers and doctors and firemen. NBA players need a dose of reality exponentially more than a dose of rest. 

3. Lavar Ball. When Marv Marinovich thinks you might be a bad sports dad, should probably re-think your approach. 

4. Tim Tebow Playing Baseball. If I wanted to watch a proselytizing ex-quarterback struggle at a new sport I would watch Kurt Warner's new reality show: Stations of Lacrosse. 

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