"Madden of Horse Racing" Predicted Derby Winner!

Madden NFL Football is known for its scarily-accurate predictions of the Super Bowl, so it should come as no surprise that a horse racing game created by a small crew of former Madden developers correctly predicted Always Dreaming as the winner of the Kentucky Derby. 

The first game by independent Orlando studio Third Time, Photo Finish Horse Racing is a top ranking game published by Tilting Point worldwide on iOS and Android devices. 

Founder and CEO Ian Cummings is the acting creative director and lead engineer for Third Time, an independent game development studio founded in 2015. This marks his first foray into independent game development. 

Cummings hosted a Derby party for the studio before Saturday's race to unveil the game's simulation of The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports, and Always Dreaming crossed the virtual finish line first. 

We will try to get you their Preakness prediction before post time a week from Saturday. 

More about Third Time (via their website): 

Formerly the Creative Director of the Madden NFL Franchise, and then Studio Creative Director at Zynga as well as startup Row Sham Bow, Cummings has been creating games for 15 years across a multitude of genres and platforms.

Studio Art Director Brian Fleming has worked across the industry for well over 15 years in a multitude of art and design roles. Brian has been responsible for the design and look of many games such as Tiger Woods, Madden NFL, NFL Head Coach, and mobile hit Letter by Letter.

Studio Tech Director Paul Fleetwood has been in the industry for 15 years in a multitude of engineering roles across client and server, including next generation analytics technology.

“Third Time” gets its name from this being the 3rd startup venture for the team. And this one is hopefully a charm!

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