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The Good and Bad of the Doug Pederson Hire via @BrandonKravitz

Doug Pederson becomes the 4th ever super bowl winning coach to be hired by the worst team in the NFL. Parcells did it twice with the Pats/Jets. Hank Stram was hired by the Saints back in ’76.

The Jags interviewed 10 candidates if my math is right…10 and I love it. I don’t know why more teams don’t do this. For a job as big as head coach…we always want these teams to find ‘their’ guy and just go get him…in my mind, there are always a ton of candidates…take time, and find your guy.

Pederson was the 1st interview for Jax…don’t know if we should view that as a positive or a negative.

In a lot ways, the Jaguars have picked a coach with basically the opposite resume of Meyer, whose disastrous 13-game tenure left the team embarrassed on and off the field. While Meyer took over as Jaguars head coach with no NFL experience whatsoever, Pederson is a former NFL quarterback who worked six seasons as an NFL assistant under Andy Reid before his first head coaching job with the Eagles.

The good-

·Won a super bowl in his 2nd year as a HC with Philly

·Won a SB with Nick Foles

·QB guy. Helped Carson come along.

·Worked under the Chiefs/Andy Reid tree

The bad-

·Went 4-11-1 in his final season with Philly

·Struggled to get along with Philly ownership and management

·Fractured relationship with Carson Wentz – one report even said the 2 hadn’t spoken in 2 months during the 2020 season.

·Wasn’t on board with an Eagles rebuild…will he be able to manage if the jags suck again?

·Year away from the game…

All in all, I give the hire a solid B+. Now go out there and win some games Doug!

Here's a fun nugget from the Jags website:

  1. Pederson could have been with the Jaguars a loooong time ago. Pederson's previous ties to the Jaguars are minimal, but there is one at least semi-interesting "almost." Pederson early in the 1995 season was made available by the Dolphins for the 1995 "expansion draft," with all NFL teams having to designate players for selection by the expansion Panthers and Jaguars. The Panthers selected Pederson with the No. 44 selection in the draft. The Jaguars selected linebacker Brant Boyer with the selection before the Panthers selected Pederson and selected safety Harry Colon with the ensuing selection.
Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles

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