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UCF Deserves Some Credit For Joe Burrow's Success

There’s a photo recirculating on the internet today – a UCF linebacker standing over Joe Burrow in the Fiesta Bowl in the 2018 season. UCF is up 7-3. 6:40 left in the 1st…Burrow is hunched over on all 4’s, he looks like a defeated and broken man…since that moment:

·Went on to win the game 40-32. Threw 4 TD’s.

·Broke NCAA records the following year

·Won the Heisman

·Went 15-0 and won the national championship

·Won the Heisman trophy

·#1 overall pick in the draft

·Overcame an ACL tear

·Won 2 playoff games with the Bengals, including a game winning drive against the Titans as 3.5 point road underdogs.

I think I speak on behalf of Knight nation when I say, you are welcome Joe.

Separate from that...

The Bengals beating the Titans was just one part of the 1-seed collapse equation.

The Packers and Titans both lost, despite the fact that they were the 1-seed and they had home field, and all this rest…and all of that stuff that we think is valuable this time of year.

Did you know- the last #1 seed to win the super bowl was the eagles in the 2017 season.

Its just a fun little coincidence, its not going to change anything. Teams will still fight for the bye, and the home field advantage…but if you go back through NFL history…you have to be so unbelievably special to be the best team all year, and then keep that rolling into the playoffs…its just so rare. Especially now, with so many of these teams close in talent…the gap is narrow.

I do wonder, when you look back, with the benefit of hindsight…would it have been better if Henry never came back for the Titans? Foreman was the only juice they had in that backfield.

Guess we’ll never know.

Onto the Bengals vs Chiefs in the AFC!

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans

Photo: Getty Images

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