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Simple Explanation For 14 Coach of the Year Candidates in the NFL Playoffs

According to – Mike Vrabel is the odds on favorite to win NFL COY- makes sense, he’s done a great job, but so has pretty much everyone that we see in the playoffs.

I think I could make the case for each one of the 14 coaches in the NFL Playoffs right now.

One simple explanation – one sentence to explain why they deserve to be coach of the year- are you ready?

Mike Vrabel- No Derrick Henry. (final 9 w/o)

Matt LeFleur- Put up with Aaron’s BS.

Andy Reid- Slumpbuster. (3-4 start)

Bill Belichick- Rookie QB.

Bruce Arians- Rinse, recycle, repeat. (or listens to brady)

Zac Taylor- Wins in Cincinnati. Swagger in Cincy.

Rich Biscaccia- Winning through controversy (4 game win streak to get into playoffs)

Sean McDermott- Point differential. (Bills outscored their competition +194, best in the league)

Kyle Shanahan- Owns Sean McVay. (2-0 this year, the first win was the turning point in their season, after 3-5 start. Final win got them into the playoffs)

Mike McCarthy- Overcame Hard Knocks curse. Turnover King. 26 INT’s led the NFL.

Mike Tomlin- QB is a walking corpse.

Kliff Kingsbury- Won with Colt McCoy. The Cardinals went the entire month of Nov. without Murray. Went 2-1 to stay afloat. They don’t do that, they probably don’t get in.

Sean McVay- Didn’t wreck the convertabile. I mean, this guy was given the roster of all rosters and he did what he was supposed to do.

Nick Sirianni- I got nothin.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons

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