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CFB Preview: Kravitz Previews and Predicts the Biggest Conf. Title Games

This weekend we have 8 conference title games of note- 5 we’ll take a look @ here.

Friday night- 10 Oregon vs 17 Utah- A rematch of their game 2 weeks ago that basically torpedoed any chance of the Pac 12 being represented in the CFB Playoff. Utah won 38-7. Utah ran for 208 yards to Oregon’s 63. And amazingly, they dominated Oregon the way they did without turning them over ONCE.

Fun fact- the 2019 matchup of Oregon vs Utah in the Pac 12 title game was the most watched Pac 12 title game of the 10 they’ve had.


Saturday @ Noon- 9 Baylor vs 5 Oklahoma State- OSU wins, they’re probably in the CFB Playoff. I’d be surprised if they weren’t. This is another rematch, these 2 met on October 2nd and it was an OSU win 24-14. Baylor was riding high after beating Iowa State and then Oklahoma state welcomes them in and smacks them around. Ironically, Baylor needed OSU to beat OU in order to get into the game in the first place, so I guess they owe them a bit of gratitude.

Oklahoma State hasn’t won the big 12 since 2011 and they’ve most certainly never been to the CFB Playoff so there’s a lot riding on this game for Mike Gundy and the Cowboys.

PICK- BAYLOR- You know someone is going to not come through this weekend, OSU seems like the perfect candidate. Fresh off the biggest/emotional win of the season vs OU.

Saturday @ 4pm- AAC title game between 21 Houston vs 4 Cincy- Cincinatti’s one and only chance to get into a playoff rides on their ability to win this game. This will be the first time these two teams have met and given Cincy’s relatively light schedule this year, I have this as their 3rd toughest game. Houston ranks 21st in the country, they’re 11-1, unbeaten in the conference, and their QB Clayton Tune is a stud. Over 3k pass yards, 26 touchdowns, completing nearly 70% of his passes, and just 8 turnovers all season.

PICK- CINCY- I’m done picking against them. I thought they were playing tight, but the last 2 games they have proven me wrong. 48-14 over SMU. 35-13 over ECU. Cincy’s defense does enough to get the win.

Saturday @ 8pm- 2 Michigan vs 13 Iowa- So I didn’t remember this but at the end of 2020, the Big 10 setup what they called ‘champions week’ where the league matched up teams from the east and west divisions for a bonus game. Michigan/Iowa were matched up, but the game was cancelled due to COVID. They didn’t meet this year, so that would’ve been the last game they played against one another. Either way, Michigan is on fire, beat Ohio State for the first time in a decade and they did so convincingly- 42-27. Iowa was rolling this year, but they hit a major snag with back to back losses in weeks 7 and 8 to Purdue and Wisconsin.

These 2 defenses rank 7th and 8th in the country.

PICK- MICHIGAN. Too dominant right now. Iowa isn’t the same with the injuries they’ve dealt with. It’ll be a fight though.

Saturday 4pm- the Main Event- 3 Bama vs 1 Georgia- We’ve been waiting for this one all year long. The SEC is down a touch this year, these two teams are not. Bama has that one loss to Texas A&M but they’ve been awesome. Georgia hasn’t really had a moment of weakeness this season – 3 shutouts this year- so yeah, this should be fun.

Bama is searching for their 3rd SEC title in the last 4 seasons. Georgia hasn’t won one since 2017. The Crimson Tide took a 41-24 home win over Georgia last season. ... This is the fourth consecutive season the nation's top-ranked team has played in the game

PICK- GEORGIA BY 10. They’ve been dominant all year, I don’t see that changing.

Georgia v Georgia Tech

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