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Week 12: Winners and Losers in the NFL


·Tua/Phins- All he does is win. That’s it, no more, no less…just a rockstar of a winner. That’s back to back games now with an 80% completion rate. Since 1950, only Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Kyler Murray, and now Tua have done that. (min 30 attempts). Phins have the Giants and Jets the next 2 weeks, could be 7-7 in the near future.

·Joe Burrow- He’s now done something that Bengals QB’s never do…beaten the Steelers twice. And his team’s point differential in their 2-0 season series 65-20.

·Vita Vea’s dentist- This doctor is about to get a handsome payday after Vea knocked his tooth out. Best part is, after the game Bruce Arians was asked about it and his reply “he’ll be ok, he’s got 30 other good ones”. That was a tough, gritty win for the Bucs – playoff style victory, they appear to officially be back on course.

·Lucas Oil Lenny- 4 TD’s on the day and 131 total yards, and 7 catches. Quite the day.

·Patriots- Not even a hot-take anymore, they’re just the best team in the AFC. Conference high 8 wins…and they’re currently riding an NFL best 6 game win streak.

·AFC East- Pats have won 6 in a row. Phins have won 4 in a row. The Bills won and the Jets won. Hottest division in football.

·Playoff race- There are legitimately 7 teams vying for playoff seeding in the AFC that don’t currently hold a playoff spot. In the NFC its 8. Huge win for the NFL and great move pushing the playoffs to 14 teams.


·My eyes- That Browns/Ravens game was brutal to watch. I don’t mind a tight/low-scoring affair, but that was just gross. Ravens win 16-10 despite just 165 yards passing and 4 INT’s from Lamar Jackson. The Browns were the 2nd leading receiver for the Ravens.

·Cowboys- We didn’t forget your little mishap on Thanksgiving. Great game, awful ending. The Cowboys let us down everytime we start to believe.

·Justin Herbert- This man knows he’s allowed to have consecutive good games right? Don’t let the stats deceive you, that was all catch up mode. This offense stalled out several times against Denver.

·Jalen Hurts- It was becoming consensus that this guy was a franchise QB. Then what does he do? 14/31 129 yards and 3 picks. 13-7 the Eagles fall to the G-Men.

·Rams- Free falling would be a good way to describe their season. Curse of OBJ? You be the judge, either way, they’ve lost their last 3 games and all in pretty convincing fashion. 28-16 to the Titans. 31-10 to the Niners. 36-28 to the Packers. This team has no juice right now.

Super Bowl LV

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