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Winners and Losers from the NFL, CFB, and NBA Weekend

Here was the list Stefan sent to me this morning- ABSOLUTE GOLD!

LOSER- Buffalo Bills

a Team that was once considered the shining star of the AFC has laid a couple pretty big eggs in the last 3 weeks. Dropping 2 of 3 games, to the Jags and the Colts. Josh Allen and the Bills don't look like the big bad bullies on the block any longer. In fact, they have allowed the Patriots, a team that started the season 2-4, to take the lead in the AFC East division. Even though it wouldn't be smart to count them out quite yet, and they are still primed for a playoff appearance, the Bills are looking very beatable.

Josh Allen has been held to under 300 yards passing in 3 of his last 4 games and has thrown FIVE interceptions during that same time. All season people have been predicting Josh Allen may regress this season, and we might be seeing the start of it now.

WINNER- New England Patriots

Seriously?!?! This is what we're doing AGAIN? We were depending on your Buffalo and you let us down. Yes the New England Patriots are #1 in their division off the backs of a really good defense and solid performances by Mac Jones. Bill Bellichick has shown that HE is a football genius, and where we weren't quite ready to give him credit yet because the Patriot's schedule was soft as milk toast. To deny him his flowers right now, would be silly. 

Winners of their last five games, with wins against the Chargers, a good Panthers defense, a Browns team that could decide to show up and beat you any day, and blanking the Falcons. They look set to make a run. They've got some obstacles in front of them with games coming up against the Titans, Bills, Colts, and Bills... but it's very possible the Bills won't be a threat, and even the Titans, who.. yes are on the list today as well.

LOSER- Tennessee Titans

Well that didn't last long. A team that we thought had finally proven themselves as a powerhouse in the AFC... a team who was dragging the likes of Bucs, Colts, Bills, Chiefs, and Rams, has fallen back down to earth without Derrick Henry. I was intentionally late to jump on the bandwagon, and thought their win last week without Henry was a statement. But, no matter what how you slice it, losing to the Texans makes you a loser. And things aren't looking up for them having to face the Patriots next week. It's very possible we've seen the beginning of the end for Tennessee.

WINNER- LSU/USC/Miami or any other CFB team looking for a coach

Dan Mullen is back on the market, and in all instances should be considered the TOP prospect for any college football coaching job available. In fact, whoever if I was in the MIDDLE of an interview when the Gators announced they were dropping Mullen, I would've told that person, mid interview, that something came up and we'll have to see if we can invite them back next week to finish this interview. Mullen took the Gators to 3 New Year's Six Bowls in the 4 years and to an SEC Championship, and the Gators dropped him after ONE bad season. It's crazy and SOME college out there is going to benefit from it greatly. 

Congrats to the Dan Mullen led USC Trojans on their 2022 PAC-12 championship.

LOSER- Florida Gator Fans

Is this really what you wanted? Like where do you go from here? You've just solidified that youe next 2-3 years will be pretty mediocre. The weird part is most of you are celebrating, as if your team just turned some magical corner that will put you back into contention for an SEC Championship next year. NEWSFLASH!! That ain't happening. You just went from bad to worse, and you should all be mourning this loss.

LOSER- Isaiah Stewart

Gilbert Arenas said it best... You broke the golden rule my friend. You'd be lucky if they ever let you hold a basketball again. While most of us recognize Lebron was in the wrong here, the lengths that Stewart went to look like a tough guy and threaten James will not ever be tolerated by the NBA. And it's been a WHILE since the NBA "made an example out of someone". Well they are about to do it here. And you're about to be on some training videos sir. Lebron may have been ejected from the game, but you're the real loser here.

Honorable Mentions:

LOSER- Cincinatti

Cuz it doesn't matter who loses, the CFP committee is going to find a way to keep you out of the playoff. So enjoy your ONE week at #4, guaranteed you'll be dropped back down next week.

WINNER- Jonathan Taylor RB and the Colts

NOBODY is playing better football right now and the Colts owe it all to Jonathan Taylor. We'll see if the team can hold on, cuz they have a pretty tough schedule going forward. But Colts fans, enjoy your moment on the mountain top. You deserve this one.

SMU v Cincinnati

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