Minshew Mania is Over. Nick Foles to Start for Jaguars in Week 11

Gardner Minshew found himself trotting onto the field and into our hearts in Week 2 of the NFL season. No one expected the man from Washington State who wears a Freddy Mercury stache and warms up in nothing but a jockstrap to amount to much, but he became a sensation.

Minshew Mania took hold in Duval County. Men grew mustaches, women dreamed of men like Minshew, it was quite the sight. After eight games, 13 touchdowns, and a 4-4 record later, the Mania has come to an end.

Nick Foles will start for the Jaguars in Week 11 over the rookie sensation. But let's not think of this as the end of Minshew Mania, let's just put the Mania on hold.

He will be back.

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