NBA2K20 LeBron Cut Scene Contradicts his NBA in China Comments

The clip above is the final cut scene in the NBA 2K20 MyCareer mode story. It's a culmination of a story all about sticking up for the little guy. The guy who can't win, you still stick up for them because you are in a position of power. That's the message of the story mode.

It was produced by LeBron James who last week talked negatively about Rockets Owner Daryl Morey tweeting about the Hong Kong protests.

I'm not here to put words in LeBron's mouth, but as I played through the NBA 2K20 Story Mode, a twinge in the back of my brain kept creeping up.

This is weird.

I've always thought of LeBron as a good person who stands by the statements that I'm getting from this game, but that was how I felt before his China comments. I still think he's a good person, I just think that he cares more about his money than ALL people. He still does amazing things for the poor. His comments just made me question how he can claim both sides of this coin.

I guess it's ok as long as that coin ends up in his pocket.

-Austin Pistulka

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