The Most Haunted Stadiums in the USA

You hear all the time about haunted mansions, hospitals, and cemeteries, but not often about ghosts haunting happy places. These stadiums have seen some very paranormal activity during their time.

1. University of Notre Dame Stadium

George Gipp might be the most famous ghost on this list. To this day, the saying "Win one for the Gipper," rings out as fans cheer on the Fighting Irish, but little do some of them know that many claim that he haunts the stadium and school campus to this very day. Reports have claimed that they've seen a man that looked like the Fighting Irish's first All-American riding a white stallion up the steps to the stadium. Of course, some just say it's a myth.

2. Indiana University Memorial Stadium

Not many people know the story of a young Mr. Plume, but the Hoosiers of Indiana know his story. Their stadium was being rebuilt in 1960 when construction workers found a terrible sight. Hanging from the rafters was a 19 year old boy, Michael Plume, dangling from an 18 foot rope. Reports say that his shoes were clean, even though to get to where his end would happen, he would've had to walk through a dirty construction site. Of course theories run rampant as to how this boy ended up here, but none have been confirmed.

Many say you can still see him hanging in the west side of the stadium.

3. Nationwide Arena Columbus Ohio

Home to the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team, this arena sits atop what was the Ohio State Penitentiary. Sure nothing to creepy there, except when you find out that the Ohio State Penitentiary was home to one of the worst prison fires in US history.

In 1930, 322 people were killed inside the prison. Reports from the fire say that many guards ran at the site of smoke, refusing to open the cell doors for the inmates. The prisoners were trapped in cages as the fire grew and smoke filled their lungs.

Many say that the parking garage is the most haunted part of Nationwide Arena. The smell of smoke and screams for help still ring out through the concrete.

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