What in the Hell in a Cell is Going On Here? Twitter Backlash After HIAC

Last week was the biggest week in wrestling since the late 90's. Monday Night Raw was getting a new look, NXT vs AEW is happening on Wednesday nights, and Smackdown moved to Fox and Fridays. It all culminated with Hell in a Cell. Fans expected the Fiend to destroy Seth Rollins in the main event, but what they got sent them into fits.

The match was stopped because the referee couldn't handle the violence.

Read that sentence again. The referee couldn't handle the violence inside HELL IN A CELL!!!

To put it lightly, fans were not happy. Twitter exploded with anger toward WWE.

If Twitter was bad, fans inside the arena made their voices heard. Chanting AEW and "Refunds" as they walked out the doors.

Even X-Pac, who is employed by WWE, had issues with the finish and he aired them LIVE ON WWE'S OWN WATCH ALONG.

This was just plain bad. On the bright side, AEW is back on Wednesday.

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