Kravitz's DON'T ADDS of the Week in Fantasy Football

The draft is just phase 1, real fantasy champions dominate the waiver wire all season long, and navigating what is real and what isn't is no easy task. Fret not fantasy owners, that's what I'm here for! Now, every website on the internet that talks fantasy football has an ADD list, but I'm going to give you what you really need: A DON'T-ADD list. Plus, a buy-low and sell high candidate. Enjoy and keep on winning...


Kyle Allen QB Panthers: If you're in a 2-QB or superflex league, then fine. Otherwise, stay away. There are so many great QB's (statistically) out there to be had, Allen's 4 TD performance was nice, but it's not sustainable. Allen is an average to below average QB who was playing a matchup worth dreaming about in Arizona. Newton's injury could have him back sooner than later as well.

Jordan Akins TE Texans: This pains me for a number of reasons...1) He's a UCF guy. 2) TE is a position of scarcity. However, this all felt very fluky to me. His 2 TD performance was impressive, but is it something he can repeat. Keep in mind, there are a lot of mouths to feed in that offense between Hopkins, Fuller, and Duke Johnson. Plus, this is the first time in his NFL career he's surpassed 6 fantasy points in a single game. Not buying the 1 week of production.

Taylor Gabriel WR Bears: I get it, I get it. You're all excited because he scored 3 TD's on MNF, makes sense. But look @ it this way. How comfortable will you ever really be starting the 4th receiving option in an offense lead by Mitch Trubisky? Before Monday night, he only compiled 3 targets through 2 games. Plus, consider this, he's in concussion protocol which means he might not play this week, and if he does, he's going up against a top 3 secondary in the NFL in the Minnesota Vikings. Allow me to be the bucket of water that cools you off on Taylor Gabriel. {Splash}

Buy-low: Davante Adams

Sell-high: Phillip Lindsay

Obvious add candidate: Wayne Gallman

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