PREDICTIONS: Cotton Bowl projects two high level opponents for UCF in NY6

Clearly the Cotton Bowl did not get the memo that there's still another 11 weeks left in the season, because they're already projecting who UCF's opponents might be on New Year's Day!

I'm assuming this will be a weekly tweet from the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic account and I'm all for it. Those 2 matchups are fun to dream about. Figure this: Either UCF would go up against the storied ND program, the same program that their potential starting QB at the time (Wimbush) would've transferred from. Good stuff.

But is it as good as the other projection? If UCF were to play Michigan in the Cotton Bowl, that would mean Harbaugh likely didn't win the Big 10 AGAIN and maybe, just maybe, UCF could be the school that sends Jim packing. That would be the height of entertainment for UCF fans who constantly feel disrespected by the Power 5 elite.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Tweet below...



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