Former UFC Champion Kicked Out of UFC for Street Fights

BJ Penn is one of the most decorated UFC fighters in the history of the sport. At one time, he was believed to be the best lightweight martial artist in the world, but since 2011, his fighting career has taken a downward turn.

He's lost his last seven fights and just got the boot from UFC President Dana White. Not for losing, but for fighting in the streets of Hawaii.

TMZ released two videos last week showing the former champion fighting people in the streets.


Dana White made comments to ESPN saying, "He won't fight again, that's it. That's a wrap. It's not even that this was the last straw. I didn't love him continuing to fight anyway, but with the relationship that he and I have -- he gets me on the phone, begging me for another fight. It's hard to turn him down.

"After what I saw in that video, BJ needs to, you know, he needs to focus on his personal life before he thinks about fighting."


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