Is This a Big Deal? Former Bucs DE Comes Out as Bisexual in Personal Essay


In a personal essay written for (which can be found here), Ryan Russell explained that he didn't want to hide a part of himself anymore. He said, "This is the last time I will ever interview for a job as anything other than my full self. Out of love, admiration and respect, I want the next team to sign me valuing me for what I do and knowing who I truly am.”

Then he stated that he is in fact bisexual and that he wants to continue to grow as a player. He wants to "return to the NFL and living my life openly."

Producer of In The Zone Austin Pistulka's Opinion

I don't think that this is newsworthy. I say that with the most amount of good will to Mr. Russell as I can give because to be frank, I don't care about your sexuality.

I don't care.

To me, you are not just the label of bisexual, you are a person and a good football player. I'm not telling you to stay silent about your sexuality or to live a lie, I'm saying that you are more than just that label. If by saying that you feel more free by putting these words to paper and posting it for all the world to see then great, I'm happy that you feel that kind of freedom.

I still don't think that's newsworthy.

I think you making a team and starting for that team is newsworthy. I think you donating to an LGBTQ+ charity is newsworthy. Your sexual preference is not newsworthy to me. It's not newsworthy to me in the exact same way that me finding out that my boss, coworker, or best friend is gay or bisexual. It doesn't change the fact that all people deserve respect.

But of course, these are just my thoughts on the matter. What are yours? Be sure to give us your thoughts at @969thegame on Twitter.


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