#TBT: Barry Sanders Quits Football - Comparing to Andrew Luck

It was 20 years ago that Barry Sanders decided to retire at just 31 years old, only two years older than Andrew Luck. Of course, things happened a little differently back then. Sanders faxed a letter to his hometown paper, the Wichita Eagle, explaining, “The reason I am retiring is simple: My desire to exit the game is greater than my desire to remain in it."

Andrew Luck received praise from former players for being courageous and fans were reprimanded for booing their retiring quarterback. Sanders received only the hate. Newspapers like the Detroit Free Press wrote, "Sanders isn't retiring. Sanders is quitting. He's quitting on his teammates, who based their offseason hopes on his return. And he's quitting on his fans who knew that he was really the only reason to care even the slightest iota about the Lions."

Oh how times have changed. Barry Sanders was on the Rich Eisen Show and compared his retirement to Andrew Luck's.



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