Producer Austin Thinks the PlayStation Impact Rating System is STUPID!

College Football Playoff National Championship Presented By AT&T - Alabama v Clemson

Allow me to start off by saying that I love the Madden Rating discussions that come up every year. I think that they are fun side conversations that help a game that we all love become more realistic, but these ratings don't get to go the other way.

We can't give someone a video game rating for their real life.

So what am I talking about? ESPN and PlayStation have come out with an Impact Rating System that is made to "innovate college football coverage." First off, it's not innovative. Madden and NCAA video games have had this style of system in place for decades now.

The Impact Ratings System is going to be used as a way to explain who is good, who is great, and what match ups are favorable. Sounds great, but this isn't a video game.These ratings have zero impact on anything.

A rating in a video game has meaning to the game being played. If you have a QB with 99 speed, that is going to impact the video game, he will be faster than anyone else. If you give a QB a 99 speed rating in real life, that tells me you think that he is fast, not that he actually is fast. Do you see the difference here?

The Impact Rating isn't a statistic, it's an educated guess as to how someone will perform, but that's why I think it's dumb. We watch football because we know that on any given day, any team can get beat, any QB can have a bad day, any defense can get lucky.

All this rating system is is a thinly veiled attempt to tap into a very big fan base who craves a new NCAA video game. It's not helpful having an arbitrary number assigned to a guy who can make mistakes because he is human.

Statistics are helpful. This fake ratings system is not.


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