WWE: The Return of the King of the Ring Tournament


The WWE is returning to one of their best tournaments, the King of the Ring Tournament. King of the Ring is where Steve Austin became Stone Cold, Macho Man Randy Savage became the Macho King, and many more great moments throughout WWE's history.

The competitors have been named with eight from the Raw brand and eight from the Smackdown brand.


With my WWE knowledge, there are really only a couple of guys who could win this year's tournament.

Favorites: Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre

These three are the guys that WWE has been pushing and this might be the exact stepping stone that they need to boost them to the higher level.

Dark Horses: Chad Gable, Ali, Ricochet

Ali and Ricochet are two guys who have had on-again-off-again booking in recent memory, so to see them get the win would not be a surprise. Chad Gable is the outlier. He is a guy they view like a Kurt Angle but haven't given him the platform yet. This could be that platform.

Austin's Booking Prediction: Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is going down a Stone Cold Steve Austin path right now and WWE love to hit you over the head with parallels. He's the pick that the fans want and the pick the office wants as well.

Austin's Heart Pick: Chad Gable

Gable has been great for WWE everywhere he goes. He is great in tag teams in NXT or on the main roster, but now is the time that they should send him to the moon. He's good enough to do it and it's a swerve the fans would enjoy seeing.



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